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Water Treatment Company in Norfolk, Virginia

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Enjoy a lifetime of quality water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning with products and services from our professional water treatment company in Norfolk, Virginia.

Established in 1954, GE Mobile Water Inc. provides safe, clean, and clear water for your family through water conditioning, filtration, and purification.

We offer a full line of water treatment products with outstanding value and prompt, dependable service to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Hampton Roads. Hard water is rough on your body and tough on all of your washable fabrics.

Our company, however, provides the largest variety of water treatment products available, including water softeners, iron removal filters, water filters, and water purification and filtration units, such as reverse osmosis drinking water systems.

Household Water — Identify the Problem:

• Spotty Dishes & Glassware
• Scale Buildup on Fixtures
• Blue-Green Stains
• Rust or Black Stains
• Shortened Water Heater Life
• Dry, Itchy Scalp & Skin
• Scratchy Laundry

Drinking Water — Identify the Problem:

• Bad Taste or Odor (Chlorine, Sulfur, Metallic)
• Cloudy Water
• Water Contaminants (Lead or Other
  Harmful Impurities)

Solutions & Benefits

The team with GE Mobile Water Inc. finds solutions to all of these problems to bring you quality water at your home or business. The many benefits of our products and services include:

• Safe, Clear, Odorless, & Delicious Drinking Water
• Sparkling Clean Dishes
• Incredibly Soft Laundry
• Spotless Fixtures, Showers, Sinks, & Tubs
• Soft Skin & Shiny, Manageable Hair

Dedicated to Customer Service

With more than 60 years of experience, our company focuses on customer service, paying close attention to detail after the sale has been made. We have received positive feedback from past clients who appreciate the worry-free system we provide and not being trapped in a contract.


Make water your beverage of choice by contacting us in Norfolk, Virginia, for
more information on water treatment products and services from our company.